Li Xu International (LXI) provides practical solutions for international business development and foreign direct investments (FDI). We help medical device companies enter complicated China market; bring foreign direct investments to renewables and infrastructure projects in the emerging markets; and provide practical solutions to mitigate risks embedded in the international trade and foreign direct investments – geopolitical risks, foreign currency risks, and sovereign credit issues.

Li believes every business has something to offer the world and that moving beyond borders not only leads to growth and success, but also to sharing ideas and culture, and to a greater understanding. Her experience in surviving a near-death accident, climbing mountains, racing bicycles, running marathons, and a life-changing trip climbing Mount Kilimanjaro led her to this dedication and the founding of Li Xu International and its affiliated companies: International CFO, International Mergers & Acquisitions, LXI Capital, and International CMO.

“What I have learned in working with companies around the world is that behind all of the different cultures, we all want to the same thing: respect, trust and meaningful growth as individuals and as corporations. Globalization and the accelerated adoption of technology have moved us forward as one community and made us more connected. With our global network and optimized processes, we grow with our clients, partners and teammates around the world.”

– Li Xu, Founder

Let’s work together to expand your business internationally