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Renewable Projects and Digital Assets

Building The Future

LXI Consulting’s accomplished financial executives assist our renewable and digital assets investors reach their investment goals. With a proven track record in helping organizations improve and maintain a financially sound business, LXI Consulting is a platform dedicated to assist renewable and crypto fund managers and strategic investors. We help them manage portfolio assets with proven and agile systems and processes that revolve around our passion of digital assets and sustainability.
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Meet the Founder:

Li Xu

Li Xu is the president and founder of LXI Consulting, LLC – a globalist, strategist, innovator, futurist and thought leader.

For more than two decades, she has brought her deep international insights and experiences in finance, accounting, tax and ERP systems to assist her clients with building their organizations around the world.

Her passion to sustainability and innovation leads her to renewable projects and digital assets.
After years of working on renewable and crypto projects around the world, she has developed process and system to help fund managers and strategic investors to manage renewables assets and digital assets portfolio with efficiency and peace in mind.