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With the world’s focus on Net Zero by 2050, large international capital, green bonds, and alternative investors are seeking investment opportunities and bidding on limited projects. Renewable projects and developers around the world have limited access to capital and have been forced to abandon or stop development. LXI Capital is the global bridge between local renewable projects and international capital markets.

Kevin Candee, P.E., Managing Partner, is a well-respected civil and hydraulic expert in the industry. His 30+ years of experience includes hydropower planning, design and construction, transaction advisor, lender’s technical advisor, and owner’s engineer to the international private equity markets. He also serves as an independent advisor to private equity funds, private investors, and public utilities, and a lead investor of several successful hydropower, water, and real estate development projects worldwide. Mr. Candee is a licensed engineer in the US, and fluent in Spanish and functional in several other languages.

Li Xu, CPA, CFO, Managing Partner, is a leading project finance consultant specializing in renewable projects in emerging markets. Ms. Xu previously assisted many Fortune 500 companies including Berkshire Hathaway Energy and Schlumberger. Ms. Xu is active on the global stage and regularly speaks on the cross border M&A and energy mix at global think tanks such as Horasis. She is fluent in Chinese and speaks basic Japanese. Ms. Xu holds a CPA license in the US.

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