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2021.05 LXI Consulting Instruction

During a post Covid era, mid-market companies considering entering, changing or leaving the foreign markets generally face many of the same obstacles, resulting in questions on being more efficient and successful. LXI Consulting assists mid-market companies in...

2021.05 LXI Capital (

As we assist developers in financing projects around the world, we have found a large gap exists between the capital markets and renewable project developers.  LXI Capital connects international capital to underfunded renewable projects.  As a pilot program, we are...


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Happy Holidays! 2021 has been another eye-opening year. Covid continues to be a major contributor to remote work, digitalization, and de-globalization. The global business environment continues to evolve with many traditional industries and blue-chip companies...


Welcome to the November issue of the LXI Newsletter. The world seems to be slowly opening for large international conferences. After a long Covid-induced shutdown, November brought a few noteworthy conferences including the WEB Summit, the largest international tech...

Newsletter-General 2021.10

Welcome to the October issue of the LXI Newsletter where we will focus on the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP 26), and Nepal’s initiative at COP 26. COP 26 Special Section Glasgow, Scotland will welcome more than 25,000 delegates to COP...



From Singularity University to Buffett’s Annual Conference

Tackling the world’s biggest challenges, building a better future at Singularity University  Over the next 30 years, we’ll encounter some of the greatest transitions that any generation has ever had to face, and Singularity University (SU) has created a collaborative...

Foreign Direct Investments Inbound Series – Strategy

In this series, we will focus on the issues related to foreign mid-market companies entering the United States (US) market for the first time. We’ll cover the real-life experiences of many Chinese companies, as well as several companies from Canada, Europe, and Latin...



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