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China Advisory

Li Xu International (LXI) provides practical solutions for international business development and foreign direct investments (FDI). We help medical device companies enter complicated China markets; bring foreign direct investments to renewables and infrastructure projects in the emerging markets; and provide practical solutions to mitigate risks embedded in the international trade and FDI – geopolitical risks, foreign currency risks, and sovereign credit issues.

Project Finance Advisory

The energy transition to renewables is necessary for a sustainable future. With solar, wind, hydro, and infrastructure projects booming around the world, project finance is never easy for developers. Li Xu International provides turnkey advisory services for large utility-scale development projects around the world, especially emerging markets with a higher growth rate. We partner with large international development banks, insurance companies, renewable PE funds, and independent power producers (IPPs) to ensure our clients have access to the right resources.

Medical Device Asian Market Entrance

We assist leading medical device companies in entering the Asian market, including China, one of the largest device markets.

Li Xu International Partner network

We partner with many industry-based advisories and consulting groups and banks around the world to assist our clients in a quick and successful new market entrance

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